Fine Handmade Watch: Philippe Dufour’s Simplicity

Philippe Dufour is known as the greatest living watch maker by many experts. Each of his time piece is created by hand and being paid extreme attention to details. The amazing and finely crafted time piece is very limited because Philippe Dufour does everything himself by hand. There are only 10-20 pieces watch created each year.

Dufour’s watches are renowned for their perfectly finished movements, and are horological pieces of art in the truest sense.

Philippe Dufour Simplicity thumb Fine Handmade Watch: Philippe Dufour’s Simplicity

Simplicity is Philippe’s simple watch in that it’s a manual wind watch without complication. The watch may look simple as it name sounds, but the technical and execution of Simplicity is truly a masterpiece.

Philippe Dufour simplicity 2 thumb Fine Handmade Watch: Philippe Dufour’s Simplicity

The true value of the Philippe Dufour’s Simplicity lies at the back of the watch. Only through the lens of loupe would be able to witness and appreciate the beauty of Dufour’s work. Perfect striping and contours  work are absolute beauty.

Philippe Dufour mid back thumb Fine Handmade Watch: Philippe Dufour’s Simplicity

Beveling is uniform with sharp internal and external intersections. Screws are flat polished and beveled, including the slots. The spokes of the wheels are beveled and polished very well too.

Philippe Dufour ratchet thumb Fine Handmade Watch: Philippe Dufour’s Simplicity

Black polish or speculaire is done by perfectly polishing the steel surface. It is extremely difficult and time consuming. With black polish, you will only see black color when viewed from above. Above image shows before and after polish ratchet click spring.

Philippe Dufour simplicity details thumb Fine Handmade Watch: Philippe Dufour’s Simplicity

Detailing is always the real value of luxury branded watch. Owner of Philippe Dufour time piece will enjoy the fact that the true value of the watch lies beneath of the watch. Common people will not notice or aware of it, only connoisseur will appreciate it.


Philippe Dufour Simplicity a true masterpiece.

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